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    How to properly use reinforced steel bar straightening cutting machine

    2015/11/28      view:
    As a new steel bar processing equipment,reinforced steel bar straightening cutting machine involved in many fields of application. Four Rules and regulations on the use of reinforced straightening cutting machine:
    First, the man-machine system fixed
    As the operator of equipment, machinery and equipment must be directly responsible for the reasonable use, maintenance and repairs. Human fixed system refers to the construction site machinery to implement the custody and maintenance work to the individual, the team also were fixed operating positions responsible for the implementation of the system, and not for the collective use of machinery and equipment by the individual division would be responsible for the implementation of pilot the system.
    Second, the post responsibility system
    In the post workers must comply with the appropriate safety procedures, technical tests, according to the safety requirements to operate at the same time to ensure the normal operation of equipment should strive to improve the utilization of machinery and steel processing quality. In addition, the operator should take good care of tangible original machine parts, components, ancillary equipment and random tools. Operation of machinery and equipment for recording also did not sloppy.
    Third, routine maintenance system
    In actual use reinforced straightening cutting machine process, it will certainly be down for maintenance time, then the operator must promptly according to the project requirements and requirements for machinery and equipment for routine inspection and maintenance. Whether classes before or after work, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, corrosion and other routine work machinery and equipment must also be done bit.
    Fourth, the regular maintenance of the system
    This system stress is reinforced straightening cutting machine operation to fixed working hours stipulated time, it is necessary and timely maintenance downtime. Maintenance cycle according to instructions for use mechanical equipment to carry delineated the scope and requirements of the provisions of the job must also keep in mind, the implementation of effective maintenance.