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RM-75E Electric Tamping Rammer

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  • Brand:    Gleery Machine
  • Type:    RM-75E
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The series plate or vibrate rammer apply in the cycle base,road,square and groove site to compact and repaire asphalt,concrete road,especially to the non-paste sandy-soil,gravel stone.These type machines alsohave aesthetic design and structure,compact depth,easy to opearate without any angle. 

Product Description:
1. Powered by electric motor, 2.2kw, 220V.
2. Impact force 16kn, weight 80kgs.
3. The guide handle built-in shock mount to reduce hand-arm vibration.
4. Special crank and rod system for increased durability.

5. Low cost to maintain and usage. 

6.Aluminum case body.

RM-75E Electric Tamping Rammers

Technical Parameter:

Model                                              RM-75E

Engine  3KW Electric Motor
Voltage 220V Single Phase
Weight 80KG
Casing Material Aluminum Die-casting
Bellows(Dust cover) Polyurethane
Plate Compressed wood and Iron plates
Impact Force 16KN
Operation Effciency 0.6/min260/h
Working Speed  12-14m/min
Striking Depth 420mm
Plate Size 330*285mm
Size 350*650*900mm

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