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YGT6-16 Rebar Straightener&Cutter Machine

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  • Brand:    Gleery Machine
  • Type:    YGT6-16
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YGT6-16 Steel Bar Straightening Cutting Machine is used to straightening galvanized wire or rebar, and then cut it into the needed length. It can do a prepare work for the wire mesh welding machine.So it is widely accepted to the factory who is dealing wire wires and wire mesh.Also widely used in construction area.


1.YGT6-16 straightening machine automatic straight and cut machine hydraulic steel bar staightenner and cutter.
2.High efficiency, hydraulic system, advanced technological standard, good dustproof performance, two kinds of speed regulation, saving space, 6m shelf stack.
3.Horizontal put, easy use&maintenance.
4.Fully enclosed hydraulic layout, dust proof.
5.All wearing parts working life: straight 1000t rebar.
6.High precision hydraulic parts, smooth operation and high cutting precision.
7.Easy move and installation; delivery in time.

YGT4/6-16 Straightening machine automatic straight and cut machine hydraulic steel bar staightenner and cutter features:
1. Use the international advanced rotary straightening structure, combined with domestic usage.All the spare parts adopt imported machining center, to guarantee the machining size, to ensure the quality of the whole machine.
2. All hydraulic components are imported from Taiwan, to overcome bad work environment and ensure that the hydraulic system can long-term operate stably.
3. Configure special oil pump with domestic well-known brand "the Yellow River cyclone" motor with high pressure, large flow as the power, make sure cut off power stronger and faster.
4. All the electrical components are provided by CHNT.
5. Human intelligent control system, simple operation, more efficient.
6. Import terminal with shake safety, durable and waterproof.
7. All roller adopt high quality alloy steel with high hardness and good wear resistance to improve the service life.
8. The machine can realize continuous production, high efficiency, can input 99 batches at the same time.
9. Oil cylinder spring USES the German high quality import spring, spring warranty for one year.
10. The strict test run before delivery, powerful guarantee the quality of the machine.

Technical Parameters:



Straightening Steel Diameter Scope


Straightening Motor Power

15kw National Standard Motor

Traction Motor Power

15kw National Standard Motor

Cutting Motor Power

5.5kw National Standard Motor

The Speed Of Traction


Cutting Error








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