GW40B-1/2 Iron steel rod bending machine

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  • Brand:    Gleery Machine
  • Type:    GW40B-1/2
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GW40B-1/2 Steel rebar bender is characterized by advanced design, easy operation process, safety and reliability as well as stable performance. It is able to crook round steels with a diameter of 10-50mm reinforced steel bar or 8~40mm round steel bar into various shapes required, and it can be utilized in bridges, tunnels and other giant construction projects.

GW40 Automatic rebar bender machine advantage:

1. Adopt thicken plate, high rigidity disk, adjustable stylobate, efficient bending angle.

2. Adopt two ways of working manual/ automatic, operators can choose it according to the actual situation.

3. Equipped with international standard copper wire brake motor, it can narrow the inertance when the machine stops and ensure the accurate bending angle.

4. Pin-type position disk, it can adjust angle from 0-360 degree, more easily and conviniently. 

Technical Parameters:


Bending Capacity (ub450MPa)6--40mm
Working Speed  10R/Min(High speed)
5R/Min(Low speed)
Input Voltage 380V
Power of Motor 3Kw-4P
Overall Dimension(mm) 850x800x730       
Net Weight 320Kg
Packing Size(mm) 970x900x800
Operating Type Automatic

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