GW50B Deformed bar bending machine

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  • Type:    GW50B
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GW50B Steel bar bending machine is characterized by advanced design, easy operation process, safety and reliability as well as stable performance. It is able to crook round steels with a diameter of 6-50mm reinforced steel bar or 6~40mm round steel bar into various shapes required, and it can be utilized in bridges, tunnels and other giant construction projects.

Steel Bar Bending Machine Advantage:

1. The latest heavy-duty gear box assembly, spindle is a maintenance free

2. Column and spool adopt high quality alloy steel, high temperature quenching treatment, higher hardness , more wear-resisting

3. increase heavy of disc and square steel, Never deformation, bend bar more accurately

4. enclosed electric cabinet, moistureproof, prevent dust, prevent leakage

5. thickening the dashboard, increase the integrity of the machine and longer service life

6. double-sided operation, so that people can operate in two directions conveniently and quickly

7. Rotary oil-way of work station make add oil more conveniently.

Technical Parameters:

Model  GW50B
Max Bending Diameter Plain Carbon Steel ≤φ50mm
IIgrade Deformed Rebar ≤φ40mm
Rotation Speed Of Working Disk 5-15r/min
Working disk specification 380mm
Motor Power 4kw National Standard Motor
Bending Control Way Manual
Voltage 380v/50hz
Weight 350kg
Dimension 1020*780*760mm

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